A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my entry to the game jam found here, https://itch.io/jam/musicgamejam2018.

I ended up making this game in about 24 hours. It was made with the Godot game engine. I made some simple Notes in GIMP as the obstacles, and made some sound effects with SFXR.

You play as a sharp symbol, (because I ran out of time to make the character I was going to make. I felt sharp for coming up with the sharp symbol). Your goal is to dodge several types of music notes, while trying to catch one specific type. The target you need to catch, randomly changes throughout gameplay.

You can view all the source code for this game, on my Gitlab profile, here - https://gitlab.com/Derek52/net-the-notes


netTheNotes-Linux.zip 11 MB
Net The Notes - Windows.zip 9 MB
Net The Notes-OSX.zip 24 MB

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